Incentivized ecology

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About Us

Block-CIMA is the first association that aims to develop environmental plans with the maximum optimization of available assets. We use the blockchain to provide the trust and reliability that this type of project needs.

This technology allows us to verify all economic resources and make them traceable, so that every user knows where their contributions go.

Another line of work that blockchain allows us to do is to turn Block-CIMA into the first decentralized NGO.

Welcome to ecology 2.0

Block-CIMA is an association registered with the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Spain under the name ASOCIACIÓN BLOCKCIMA, with tax identification number G06959993.

How do I collaborate?

If you compensate, we compensate you

01. Acquire your Block-CIMA token.

No registration is required, we want to make it easy for you.

02. Offset your environmental footprint.

Collaborate with our projects.

03. Obtain incentives for your participation.

We work to make your participation profitable for you.

Incentivized ecology


1. Environmental Protection

2. Incentive Program

3. Decentralization

4. Agreements with companies and businesses

5. Resource optimization

6. Reinvestment in new projects

Our Method

With blockchain technology, we provide the transparency that our projects need.

Users’ contributions are invested in different decentralized finance protocols (DeFi) which generates an economic return to make the projects developed from Block-CIMA sustainable.

In addition, we reserve a part of this return to be paid back to the collaborators themselves.

A unique contribution

Optimizing Resources

We eliminate intermediaries.

We provide transparency.

We work for decentralization.

We incentivize collaborators.


Our Ecology Projects

La Mar De Limpio (In Development)

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Offset All Your CO2

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Eco-Loto (In Development)

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